Enhancing Elite Athlete Performance:

Jennifer M. Testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor

Jennifer M. Testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor

“cannot, CANNOT thank Dr. Michelle Parker enough for taking care of, spending time with, explaining in DETAIL and lovingly adjusting, stretching, shifting, encouraging, teaching and instructing my daughter the proper care for her bones, ligaments, and muscles!!!!!! The most wonderful *and I have a LOT of medical experience* Dr.’s visit of our lives!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I AM SERIOUS!!!”

– Jennifer M., proud mother of 3 and especially of McLaine who is 12 years old and an amazing dancer, Arlington, Texas

Breastfeeding/ Latch Issues:

“I was referred to Dr. Parker from the hospital lactation consultant for a painful latch.  Dr. Parker was great!  She explained everything she was doing and was very gentle working on our little 4 day old baby boy.  I could tell an immediate change in Jason’s latch.  It no longer hurt! We have Dr. Parker to thank for enabling my son and I to have a successful breastfeeding relationship.”

– Trisha R., 3rd time mom to little stud, Jason, Carrollton, Texas


Breech Presentation during Pregnancy:

“We were referred to Dr. Parker from our Midwife for our baby turning breech at the end of my pregnancy.  After just 2 visits, our little one went back to a head-down position and we were able to have a successful, vaginal, water-birth at home.  Thank you Dr. Parker for being there for us when we needed it the most.”

– Jamie K., 2nd time mother to Christopher and Curtis, Fort Worth, Texas


Chronic Back, Legs and Hip Pain:

“I have chronic back, legs, and hip problems and before seeing Dr. Michelle Parker, I couldn’t even drive my car for more than 1 hour at a time.  I would have to get out of my car and streatch and walk around to get more strength in my legs.  Shortly after seeing Dr. Michelle Parker as a patient, I made a 16 hour round trip without being in any pain.  She is fabulous!!  I highly recommend Dr. Michelle Parker to your and your family!!  You’ll be glad you did!!”

-Richard A. Sherman, CPA, proud 1st time grandpa, Arlington, TX


Back Pain during Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes:

“In the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy I became miserable with back pain. I asked my OB abouting seeing a chiropractor and she referred me to Dr. Michelle Parker. (And she said prior to meeting Dr. Parker she had always discouraged her patients from seeking chiropractic treatment during pregnancy.) After one visit I felt a TON better. And the visit wasn’t what you’d typically expect, she didn’t just pop my back and send me on my way. She really listened to me as I described where it hurt and she focused on adjusting just those key areas and really working out the related muscles.  Over the next few weeks she spent a lot of time with me explaining things and giving me tips for better back health. From the beginning she said her goal was to get me to a point where I was feeling better and wouldn’t have to keep coming in for adjustments all the time.  Dr. Parker is extremely knowledgable and was so helpful when I needed it the most. I highly recommend her. She was a true lifesaver.”

– Katie L., 1st time mother to little princess, Audrey, Fort Worth, Texas


Midback/ Rib Pain:

Joey's testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

Joey’s testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

“I had a couple ribs out of place, a pulled back muscle and a pinched nerve in my sciatica. I was in quite a bit of pain. After seeing Dr. Michelle, I’m out of pain for the first time in months!!! She also has educated me as to the actual cause of my problems so I can be proactive in keeping myself out of the doctor’s office.”

– Joey H., insurance sales, Arlington, Texas


Migraines during Pregnancy:

“I started seeing Dr. Michelle Parker after I got pregnant and was struggling with migraines but could only take limited medication at that time.  For several weeks I suffered nearly daily with excrutiating headaches. After my first session with Dr. Parker, I could tell an immediate difference in the way my body felt. I felt my muscles had relaxed around my neck and shoulders. So wonderful for a pregnant lady! And the best part was I didn’t have a headache for a week! Another great thing was as I continued to see Dr. Parker, the further and further my migraine episodes were! I was so very thankful for her and the relief she provided when no one else could.”

– Karli W., 1st time mother to little angel, Ella, Bedford, Texas


Neck Pain from Sitting at a Computer/Desk:

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

“When I first went to Dr. Parker, I could not sit at the computer for long amounts of time without needing to move around to ease the neck and shoulder tension. Since I started seeing Dr. Parker, I can sit/stand for a long time without pain. Dr. Parker has been great and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.”

–Jennifer K., 27 years old, high-profile desk/traveling job, North Richland Hills, Texas

 Plantar Fasciitis:

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

“2 months ago I had horrible foot pain all most all the time.  I coldn’t stand/walk for more than 30 minutes before my feet started to hurt.  I would constantly have to switch my weight to each foot to give some relief to my other foot.  Even when I sat down, my feet would throb for a good 10 minutes.  I’m really into sports and dance so this affected everything in my life.  I have been to 2 foot doctors and have gotten 2 different types of orthotics and still I had no relief.  Now, after the 7th or 8th times I’ve been here to get muscle work done, I can go to Six Flags, or the mall, or just stand and walk for a long period of time with little to no foot pain.”

-Dani T., 13 years old female superstar, Lewisville, Texas


Posterior Presentation during Pregnancy:

“I met Dr. Michelle Parker when I was pregnant with my 2nd child.  During my first labor, I experienced brutal back labor due to the posterior postioning of my son.  I ended up getting the epidural and felt like I had failed at having the labor I envisioned.  When I found out baby #2 was posterior, my OB referred me to Dr. Michelle Parker.  Dr. Parker was very thorough. She completed Webster Technique, gave me stretches and exercises to do at home and even took the time out to call me after my first appointment to check in on me.  Baby had turned after just 1 visit!  I was able to have the all-natural labor as I had dreamed.  It was all for Dr. Michelle Parker and her hands of an angel.”

– Hannah H., 2nd time mother to little prince, Zane, and little princess, Kaylin, Keller, Texas

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

“Shout out to Dr. Michelle Parker for her genius chiropractic fingers.  She confirmed baby is vertex again (whoo!) and then did something magic and I literally watched Caelynn roll from posterior to anterior. BAM!”

– Morgan M., founder and creator of FW Babywearers, 3rd time momma, Fort Worth, Texas



“Dr. Michelle Parker is the most caring person and doctor that I have ever met. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her patients. She goes above and beyond with her treatments and advice. It is apparent that her #1 goal is to keep you from having discomfort or pain in your everyday life. I feel blessed to be her patient and I highly recommend her!”

-Debbie H., mother of 1, proud grandmother of 3, Arlington, Texas


Torticollis in Pediatric:

“Our little girl had been born with a slight tilt in her head that we thought it was just something cute that she did.  As the months went by, the tilting in her head became more obvious and that is when our pediatrician suggested Dr. Parker for an adjustment and physical therapy.  Our little girl no longer has any tilting in her head and has full range of motion of her neck.  Thank you Dr. Parker for preventing our little girl from having surgery.”

– Courtney M., 2nd time mother to Haylin, Dallas, Texas


Wellness Chiropractic for Pediatric:

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

“We love Dr. Michelle Parker!  I trust her completely with the care of my sweet boy.  She is gentle and compassionate with him, it make this new mama smile to see such care given to my baby.  She is attentive to his needs and always willing to answer my questions and concerns.  We highly recommend Dr. Michelle to all of our friends and family.”

-Cindy and Russ L., 1st time parents to superhero, Zion, Haltom City, Texas


testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

testimonial for Dr. Michelle Parker, chiropractor in Aledo, Texas

“I first took my daughter, Jasmine, to see Dr. Parker when she was about 6 months old for wellness. My daughter has only had one minor cold where she had a touch of bronchitis. She hasn’t had any other illnesses common to babies such as ear infections or more serious colds. Even through teething she hasn’t had to deal with fevers and her general disposition is always great. I am so happy to have Dr. Parker there to keep my daughter well and as drug-free as possible. Thanks again Dr. Parker!

– Jaya C., 1st time mother to little angel, Jasmine, Alrington, Texas


Wellness Chiropractic Pregnancy and Wellness Baby Check-Ups:

“Dr. Michelle adjusted me all throughout my pregnancy which I believe is the reason why I had such an easy pregnancy and birth.  Being a Chiropractor myself, I believe in the power of regular Chiropractic care and I chose Dr. Michelle for my care because she is very gentle and she understands the mechanics of a pregnant body very well.  With her care, I was able to treat patients all the way up to the day before I delivered my daughter.  We had a successful home birth with a relatively short labor (5 hours).  When my daughter, Morgen, was 3 days old, Dr. Michelle gave her her first adjustment because Morgen had a slight misalignment in her cervical spine probably due to being in the same position for several weeks.  I like to brag about my “all natural” home birth, breast-fed baby because to this day, Morgen has never had a need to see a medical doctor and has not been sick other than a slight cough with runny nose that lasted only a few days.  I continue to take Morgen to see Dr. Michelle for her well-baby visits and to make sure that her spine is in perfect alignment so that her immune system can work at it’s optimum potential and she can continue to be my “all-natural” baby!

– Dr. Amy Vavra, DC, owner/chiropractor/acupuncturist of Solutions Alternative Healthcare in Mansfield, Texas, 1st time mother to her “all-natural” princess, Morgen, Duncanville, Texas

*Dr. Moore is Dr. Parker’s maiden name. Testimonials containing “Dr. Moore” have been converted over to Dr. Parker for website purposes.